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Edelweiss's Framework

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The three CORE KEYS  to Children’s Holistic Development 




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Children, learn through active exploration and quality interaction both with adults and with their peers.

Learning opportunities with increasing complexities and challenges as children develop understanding of concepts and skills learnt.

Learning that inculcates Christian values to promote character development in children.

Integrated Thematic Curriculum

Our co-curriculum is our core strength

We foster a varied curriculum encompassing --

  • Language & Literacy

      (English & Mother Tongue)

  • Exploratory Science

  • Numeracy Skills

  • Oral Communication

  • Music & Movement

  • Self & Social Awareness

  • Art & Craft

  • Computer Literacy

  • Indoor & Outdoor Movement Activities

  • Project Work

  • Moral Education

A stimulating and meaningful environment for children that encourages self-discovery and pride in personal achievements.

Assessment methods include portfolio and developmental checklists based on teachers’ daily observation.

A smooth transition from pre-school education to formal school education

Learning experiences to develop social and emotional competencies to become resilient and be responsible citizens.

The Little Explorers' Program

Starting from 2019, our kindergarten has included the “Explorer” programme in our curriculum from 2019 for our K1 and K2 students. This programme is a partnership between the Boys Brigade and Girls Brigade Singapore. 

Having realise the growing need to cater to the number of younger children in Singapore, The Boys’ Brigade in Singapore partnered with The Girls’ Brigade Singapore to develop a brand new programme for both Boys and Girls aged 5 through 6 (K1 and K2).  ‘The Explorers’ is a Community Development Programme birthed from this new initiative. 


Our young Explorers are taken on a

2-year journey spanning four Discovery Islands which help them:

  • Discover the world around them

  • Discover their place in the world

  • Discover the needs of others

  • Discover themselves

A 4 Dimensional Journey- across 4 Discov

Enrichment Programmes

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